Melton's Champion Aussie's

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Here at Champion Aussie's our Australian Shepherds are AKC registered. Our dogs are a wonderful mix of show and working lines, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our Australian Shepherds.   We have the best mix of brains & temperment.  We want our dogs to be able to go into any events AKC offers but also be the loyal compainions they are known for.

Whether you are looking for your newest show or agility Champion, or would like nothing more than a loving companion on your next adventure, chances are Champion Aussies has your next family member.

We are a team roping family and our Aussie's are exposed to farm animal's. 

I take what I do with my dogs very seriously. It's more than a hobby, it's a passion, and I value my dogs tremendously as friends and companions.  

I have puppies available from time to time.  Visit my available puppies page.  If I do not have any available you can leave your name and number and request to be on a waiting list.

Here at Champion Aussie's we love and welcome visitor's.  I do not meet at a local gas station.  I am proud of my Australian Shepherd's and the way they live.  We live on 50 acres in which 7 acres has the underground dog fence where they get to run and play. 

I love all of the puppy stories and photos that I receive daily.  Many of the people who have purchased an Aussie have become great friends, many come back for a second or third Aussie, or referred their friends and family to me.  I am blessed to share my life and family with them.

Champion Aussies is located in Warrenton Missouri just off Interstate 70.